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ASSIGNMENT TWO - Teaching Essentail Components of the Language

After you have read through lessons 6-11, complete the
questionnaire below. When you have answered all the questions,
click on SUBMIT at the bottom of the page. Your assignment will
be sent directly to us.


QUESTIONNAIRE - Lessons 6-11

1. Why is it essential to use pictures when teaching young children?

2. What is the controversy of Phonics versus Whole Language Learning about?

3. Why does it matter if a young child can spell correctly?

4. What are six steps for spelling new words?

5. How can you use flash cards to teach children new sounds and words?

6. How can parents help teachers of slow readers?

7. Explain the statement "The more a child connects to what he reads, the stronger his understanding of the content".

8. Why is reading aloud to children considered as the single most important activity for building the knowledge required for success in reading?

9.What types of books should you read and discuss with young children?

10. Please expand on the statement "Talk is an essential part of communicating, thinking, and learning".

11. How does reading aloud help to develop speaking ability in young learners?

12. List six or more short speaking activities you could include in a young classroom.

13. How could you include drama as a speaking activity?

14. List several reasons to let children write their own stories.

15. As a teacher, why should you read as many children's books as you possibly can?

16. What can you do to avoid boring young students while teaching them new words?

17. How does a 'Grafitti Wall' work?


Once you have answered the questions and read them over, please click ONLY ONCE on 'Submit' below. Your responses will be sent immediately to us. We recommend that you print off a hard copy of your responses (or save them on your computer) in case we do not receive your submission and also for your own future reference. You may then continue to the next lesson.

As with many institutes, we do not grade assignments. The instructor will contact you to acknowledge receipt of your assignment. It will be judged 'satisfactory' or 'in progress'.  In the latter case, the instructor will discuss with you what needs to be done to bring it up to the 'satisfactory' level.

You may continue on to the next section whenever you are ready.  You do not have to wait to hear from your instructor.

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