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After you have read through lessons 12-18, complete the questionnaire below. When you have  answered all the questions, click on SUBMIT at the bottom of the page.  Your assignment will be sent directly to us.



1. Why is it natural for teachers to use music in a young classroom?

2. By what age are children ready for structured musical experiences?

3. Why is the movement of fingers, hands, and other parts of the body good for young children?

4. Expand on the statement 'Songs and rhymes can therefore be seen to provide an excellent opportunity for rote learning'.

5. What are six things a teacher should consider in including 'game' activities in a lesson?

6. If you are telling a story in class, what should you do if a child interrupts the story?

7. Why do you think the easiest stories for young children to understand are those with a repeated pattern?

8. How do children benefit from being told stories?

9. What can 'art' teach young children in an ESL class?

10. What are three ways that student-created images enhance language learning?

11. What do you think about the statement by Edward Boyer "Next to parents, television is, perhaps, a child's most influential teacher"?

12. Describe nine reasons for a teacher to use video in the classroom.

13. How can you use computers to develop language skills in young learners?

14. What are some benefits of providing computers to kindergarten and primary-grade children?

15. Expand on the statement "Computers offer children instant gratification".

16.What are the four major uses of computers that Hoot describes for the preschool aged child?

17. Why should we introduce technology into teaching English to young learners?

18. Why is the teacher's role much bigger when using Internet lessons?

19. What are some of the benefits of including Internet lessons?

20. What are some of the drawbacks of including Internet lessons?

Once you have answered the questions and read them over, please click ONLY ONCE on 'Submit' below. Your responses will be sent immediately to us. We recommend that you print off a hard copy of your responses (or save them on your computer) in case we do not receive your submission and also for your own future reference. You may then continue to the next lesson.

As with many institutes, we do not grade assignments. The instructor will contact you to acknowledge receipt of your assignment. It will be judged 'satisfactory' or 'in progress'.  In the latter case, the instructor will discuss with you what needs to be done to bring it up to the 'satisfactory' level.

You may continue on to the next section whenever you are ready.  You do not have to wait to hear from your instructor.

Chapter 19