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Instructions for Completing This Course


The TEYL Course text is divided into four parts:

        1. Part One: Care and Teaching of Young Children
        2. Part Two: Essential English
        3. Part Three: Making Learning Fun
        4. Part Four: Planning Lessons

After each part, there is an assignment to complete.

Part One covers the special attentionand needs of young learners.

Part Two deals with many methodologies, techniques, and approaches
to teaching English to young learners, including learning the sounds,
reading, speaking, writing and spelling.

Part Three shows how you can introduce English lessons in fun ways -
through storytelling, games, art, video, computers and the Internet.

Part Four is a valuable source of reference material and practical tips
for teachers of young children. It includes sections on planning
seasonal activities, outside events, what learning outcomes you
should be planning to achieve and many tips for teachers of young children.

The object of this course is to familiarize you with the many aspects
of teaching young children, whether preschool or primary school age
or  so that you will have a solid foundation upon which to add your own
experience. When you have completed the course, the material will be
a valuable resource for you in the years to come.  Use it whenever you
are searching for new ideas and concepts with which to experiment in
your classes.

There is no ‘one right wayEto teach English. You may very well use several
techniques in a single lesson.

Read each part of the text thoroughly. After each part, there is an
assignment that you should complete and submit ONLINE before
proceeding to the next part.

We recommend that you either print off the assignments or
open the current assignment in a separate window as you are
reading through the chapters.  That way, you will be able to jot
down responses to the questions as you come to them.

You should complete each assignment while the material is fresh in
your mind. Completion of the assignments assures us that you have
studied and understood the material covered. No grade will be issued
but in ther event that the instructor does not feel that you have grasped
the material, s/he will contact you and discuss it with you further.

When all papers have been completed and reviewed by our staff, you
will be sent your Certificate of Completion, attesting to the fact that
you have successfully completed the required number of hours of study.
Each section should take you about 10-15 hours to read, digest, and
complete the questionnaire.  At any time, should you have questions
about the material, you may email us at <>.
We will answer your questions right away.

Use the directory or the "Back" Button to navigate through the course.