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Punctuation Marks

Here you are a brief Summary of the main Punctuation Marks used in English.
Again, if you find any omission, please email me.

Summary of Punctuation Marks

Full stop / Period
I love Polish food.
I speak Polish, Russian and English.
'World-English', as everyone knows, is the best place to study
I hate swimming; my girlfriend loves it.
Joanna became a director in just four months: her father was the chief shareholder.
He had something of a couldn't-care-less attitude to life.
-- or -
In each country -- Egypt, India and China -- we were able to communicate in English. The following day we had better luck - but that is another story.
Question mark
Where is the railway station in Skwierzyna?
Exclamation mark
"Help!" he cried. "I can't swim!"
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Quotation marks
"I think I'm falling in love with you," she said.
This is Simon's car.
( )
Brackets or Parenthesis
Citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, limes) are rich in vitamin C.
[ ]
(Square) brackets
The newspaper reported that the hostages [most of them French] had been released.
One satisfied customer wrote: "This is the best school ... that I have ever studied at."