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TEYL (Young Learners)


Infants: 0-2 years old
Toddlers: 2-4 years old
Pre-schoolers: 5 years old
School-age: over 6 years old

Any kid from 2 through 12 years old is considered a Young Learner.
Teaching Young Learners (TEYL) is way far different from Teaching Adults (TESL). They respond differently and have different interestes, necessities, view of the world, concentration span, etc.

Actually, it turns out that "the younger, the harder to teach". However, they also posses a wondeful capacity to memorize new words, and are open to learn anything new! As as Teacher you want to take advantage of this.

I often have seen English Teachers expecting so much from the kids or trying to teach them English like adults. They soon find themselves frustrated. The solution: "KIS" (Keep It Simple). Trust me, this is the best you can do.

Never forget to keep your lesson and actitities Fun, Simple and Repetitive. This ensures that the Ss learn while they enjoy themselves.

These are some thigs that as a Teacher for Young Learners you should always keep in mind when planning your Lessons:


They are Kinetic by nature. Therefore you should always incorporate action wongs or any other activity that implicates the children moving around (they cannot seat still)
They are curious
They love bubbles, dumping, using sand, water, etc
They love banging and hitting things with a squeaky hammer
They like dancing
They like picture books
They love manipulating their surroundings
They like books (although they sometimes tend to break them)
They learn through fingerplays
They memorize vocabulary through songs
They learn "Grammar" or "Communiactive Expressions" through chants